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Question-whiteLast click to complete libary ( add friends ) but my friends list is not comming up @@

by Michelle Khan - Dec 21, 2010 Star_s649 views

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12-em-plus add reply

A friend was telling me his was the same way for several days - even worse, one of the times he was trying to refresh/reload the game it made all his cityville cash disappear as it used it to fill positions! He didn't have enough cash to fill all the positions so he was stuck without a completed library and loss of cash to boot. Yea, he was pissed to put it mildly... but today, finally it let him "hire friends" and get the last person on board so it's now working (for him, at least).

So my advice is just leave it alone! Sure, make a report with Zynga, complain on their forums or whatever, but don't keep clicking and refreshing - if it's not working, wait for them fix it (either don't play, play around the problem or keep pestering Zynga 'til they do something, lol)


Hi - I too am having the problem described above. No friends list comingh to complete library, police station or emergency clinic. Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks


t hank you for responding ... will send a report now .


There is a forum on this in zynga and i sent support request about it 3 days ago - nothing....I can't progress and am extremely pissed off. They have supposedly fixed the issue but mine is not fixed. I've just refreshed the game for the upteenth time and it's still not working.

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