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Light-bulbHow to get a Boyfriend

by Mimi Bedu - Dec 21, 2010 Star_s5,285 views

On December 18, Crowdstar added a new feature to the game, boyfriends.
Not every player can get them yet, because they are still testing it out. If you are walking in the streets, you might see a guy. You can flirt with him (this will use up energy) and he might ask you to be his girlfriend. If you accept, he will give you some gifts and you will have to kiss him (at least 3 times a day) to keep him happy.

Remember, this feature is not availiable to everyone yet! Hope this helped.

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12-em-plus add reply

hi i cant seem to get a boyfriend cause no boys walk past meh plez give mean answer xoxo


hi i cant seem to get a boyfriend nobody will go out with me plz give me some answers how to get 1 xxxx


u need to have a certen nuber of frends depending on how menny bfs u have had and u just flirt with tham and see if they ask u out


u just need two friends i have had 3 bf and make sure he ur type


I been trying get one...

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