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Light-bulbfrontierville gingerbread missions

by Yulius Hendra - Dec 22, 2010 Star_s1,214 views

3 new gingerbread missions will available soon :
source :
part 1
- Plant Five Fruit Trees
- Water or Harvest 20 Fruit Trees
- Complete the Gingerbread House

part 2
- Have 15 Cloth
- Have Two Milk
- Completely Eat Gingerbread House

part 3
- Tend 50 Neighbor Fruit Trees
- Harvest 150 Crops
- Complete the Gingerbread House, again

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12-em-plus add reply

unless you want to be on your knees an indefinite amount of time begging for things,,,just look at it,,,,lol am on my 3rd time and can't get pretzels cuz everyone else is smarter than I am,,,hear of people on their 5th,,,,so silly of Zynga,,,they should have a gingerbread house canon,,,I would use it


Finished!...but... Can I eat the Gingerbread House again or is it better to wait?

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