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Light-bulbBalloon crop License help.

by Lee Evans - Dec 22, 2010 Star_s4,359 views

anybody know how to get the license to unlock the balloon crop please?

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12-em-plus add reply

oh great you need friends to attend the new years party


I would appreciate any of you that added me and came to my party, out of all my friends only 7 have replied :( And I have not received any invites although friends tell me they sent request. So if you can help me, please do Thanks


Please add me as well. I need more people to join the party to unlock the Balloon Crop. ;)!/profile.php?id=100000580857811


you dont really get a license to get the balloon get it once you get enough people coming to your party.


whats really sad is i haven't been invited yet to any party barn and none of my invites have been accepted so if your working on a party barn and need supplies and ppl to go to your part to unlock the items pls friend me and become my fv neighbour.


I can confirm the image below. That is the inside of a completed party barn. As people accept invites, their avatars will appear inside. I have one accepted so far, that avatar looks so lonely in there. I hope more people accept soon.


it is true. i just got my party barn tonight. the inviting thing is having a hard time. lots of people are having trouble with it.


Some Prize info on the new years Party Barn :

0-5 Fireworks
0-10 Baloon Crop
0-20 Tuxedo COstume
0-40 Disco Pony

This is an unreleased image I found on a posting it looks like its going to be part of the New Years Celebration Event 2011 : this isnt confirmed Information yet but alot of ppl are talking about it ????


Smile: add me for Facebook Farmville friends : I am out of space for fv nieghbors but you can still add me to facebook !!/profile.php?id=100000511604385

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