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Light-bulbHQ buildings I still can't construct on level 28 in my CityVille town and why can't I?

by Avery Lake-Gang - Dec 26, 2010 Star_s3,548 views

On Level 28 and still can't build HQ buildings and don't know what I am doing wrong.. I have expanded my Seafood place to 4 different other towns and still can't build a HQ and why is that?

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12-em-plus add reply

I spent 800,000 coins on a tower eats franchise, but I'm on level 70? Does this mean that I can't get a tower eats HQ building?


Creating a new franchise

The first franchise a player creates will be in Samantha's City. By this point, players usually only have a few businesses available to expand, such as a bakery or Burger Joint. The goal requires them to place a business building in the empty lot in Samantha's City, which introduces them to the franchise aspect of the game. After expanding their business to Samantha's City, they unlock their first franchise headquarters.

Players unlock the ability to create a new franchise at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60.

After completing this goal, players are free to expand their franchise to other neighbors' cities. When visiting neighbors, they may place a building in the city as long as the neighbor has at least one available empty lot. The player is then offered to post on their neighbor's wall, informing them:


When i build in another city, I still don't get a Headquarters building in my inventory... I've built four of my Game stores in my neighbors cities and no headquarters has appeared in my inventory..


This might sound crazy but this is what happened to me.
I took my headquarters out of my inventory and placed it, then I clicked on it one time and had to leave, when I came back to the game all that showed was the wooden scaffolding. No building in the middle, nothing but the scaffolding. After a few days it started to make me angry that I'd been ripped off of my hq building. I moved some stuff around and behind a building that was obscuring my hq building and noticed a TINY LIL MINIATURE BUILDING. It wasn't even inside the scaffolding. it was on the outside of it.. it looked ghostlike, like they do when you are in 'placement' mode! So I clicked on it and VIOLA! There was my building! All fresh and brand new!! Idk, but y'all might look for that mysterious little tiny ghost building!


I have a similar issue, I placed the headquarter building, but I can't click on it & make it an actual building.


thats some zynga bug.. you get HQ automaticaly into inventory, when u build business in other town..

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