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Light-bulbHow to get what you want out of a Special Delivery box.

by Lance Frei - Dec 28, 2010 Star_s2,207 views

I get exactly what I want when I open my Special Delivery boxes. Here is how I do it.

Watering Cans:
You can only have 10 watering cans at a time. Open 10 boxes and water your tree. Then open 10 more boxes and water another one. I did this with 150 Special Delivery boxes one day and I got water cans every time.
Boards, Bricks, Nails:

You must have 10 watering cans in your GB for it to start giving you the Building materials. If I want to build a progect I leave 10 or more Watering cans in my GB. Then I count the # of supplies that I need and open that many boxes. I have more than 50 orchards. It works!

Harness, Horseshoe, Beehive and Nursury parts:

I have also noticed that if you have too many projects going on, (Gingerbread House, Horse Stable, Orchard and Bee Hive) it will give you things at random one here one there. So here is the trick, leave 10 watering cans, 10 boards, bricks and nails in your GB. It will then give you these materials. Do not start more than one project.

Vehicle Parts:

I do not know how to get it to give you vehicle parts. I do not need any more of them. I am fully built up on everything. Maybe someone else could figure this one out and post a comment. :-)


If it is giving you collectibles, it means that you have snagged a board, brick, nail or watering can. TURN OFF YOUR SNAGBAR! Yes I know it might be hard for you to do. You will be ok. Turn it off and refresh so that everything you have snagged is showing up in your GB. That way you know how many you have. It has happened to me a few times. I need just one more nail and it gives me a dragonfly... oops it's cuz I snagged it less than a minute ago. I hope this helps. Collectibles must be USED for it to count. If you get a dragonfly or button USE it so it is not in your GB.

10 is the magic # here. KEEP 10 and it will give you something else. USE 10 and it will give you 10 more. It does "string" 10 in a row.

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12-em-plus add reply

Didn't work until I turned my snag bar off. Worked like a charm then. Got 20 boards first and then 20 nails for my pigpen expansion. Now I need more Delivery Boxes LOL! Thank you for the tip.


thanks for the info. now i know how to stop getting watering cans and finish my building.


Thank you for this I was fed up of getting honeybees. Happy New Year xoxo


Thank you so much I needed this, and Happy New Year


WOW that is helpful..I was starting to catch on somewhat on how gifts come about but this helps WAY MORE!! THANKS!


to keep it from sending shovels uncheck the boxes on the link that you dont want or open the words it self to unvail what u dont want.


Um.. you're doing it the wrong way around boss. The cart is in front of the horse. Don't have un-watered saplings, and you won't get watering cans. Don't have unfinished projects period (except for what you're working on), cause that's what you'll get parts for.

Have one project at a time, click to use a Special Delivery box. While the animation is STILL playing, open your gift box again, and use another Special Delivery box. Now, click 'Accept' 'Use', 'Accept' 'Use' over and over again until you see a collectible pop-up. You have all the parts you need.

As for the Vehicle Parts, it usually works if you open the garage, then go use a Special Delivery without clicking anything else. If you are building a harvester, it will give you Vehicle Parts until you run out of Special Delivery boxes.

Same thing for the shovels. Click on your unfinished orchard, then use the Special Delivery boxes. This USUALLY works, not 100%. Ultimately, as soon as you have 200 bees, and 500 shovels, it will quit giving you those.

I just wish it would give Snowman parts. :P Ah well, the links work fairly well.


lolz, how to keep it from sending shovels?!

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