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Question-whiteWhy can't I post...

by Penelope Carela Benavides - Dec 29, 2010 Star_s1,331 views

When I run out of energy it tells me to ask my neighbors but I always have to pick them but can't never post to my wall that I need energy and I have seen how others post on the wall that they need energy. How can I post that to my wall? I don't want to only ask my friends one by one I want to be able to post it to every one to see and send from there.
Please, help. Thanks

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12-em-plus add reply

that just started happening to me every time i try to post some things i need to finish buildings and stuff i can never see it on my wall and my friends says that can't see it .


Thanks for your replay. So you don't get that option either? I don't know how others can do it.


I just skip that, then send a free gift of energy to your firends...they can then just send it back. Sorry if that doesn't help much

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