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Light-bulbZoning Permit Request on Link Exchange

by Edward Booth - Dec 29, 2010 Star_s24,791 views

I've been posting requests for gift easily and have helped a ton of people as well as recieved a ton of help. I can't seem to figure out how to get a link for zoning permits to post though. I have noticed a few other people have got it to work and I have been able to give them zoning permits and get one myself. (thank you so much) If someone who knows how to do this could let me know I would really appreciate it.
Love CityVille but they really need to add a way to directly request zoning permits from friends. I have a ton of money to expand but can't get zoning permits fast enough.

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Add me up .. ! :D I am on level 40 .. !! "dont 4gt to write ""CITYVILLE"" in message.. !! :D ;)



need zoning permits, too!


I need zoning permits PLEEEAAAASEE


add me people really need neighbors on cityville


hi everyone please add me im looking for neighbours and friends i play mostly everyday im level 47 if u are looking for zoning permits & energy im ur man thank you so much ^^


Thank you SOOOOO much. I was doing the wish list thing and I wasn't getting anything.


Click on EXPAND property (where you can purchase property, businesses, decorations etc), you will see a fazed out expansion that says how many permits you need. Click the amount of permits needed on that icon, a pop up will ask if you want to request permits from neighbors. You are allowed to post this every 24 hours.


@Penelope, I don't think that this is the right way to do it. If u post the request this way, when s.o. helps u, the permit will be consumed from his inventory, and permits are always needed. If u wishlist something, ppl will give it to you only if they have lots of spares and don't really need them all.
@Edward: Press the Build button, go to Expansions. There, if u are short of permits, press on the expansion icon(even if it is "disabled"). A popup will appear, asking u if u want to post a request. Do so, and the request will appear to both ur and ur friends wall. Copy the link from ur wall, and post it here, in links exchange.
That way, ppl will send u permits, and they will get some coins back


If you have at least one in ur inventory then click on the bottom left sign (like a wireless signal sign) that is on the Zoning Permit's icon in the inventory and it will copy to ur wish list, then click on share and there it will post to your wall and it will also show on the neighbors tab, from there u can see everyone's wish list (they will see yours, too) and u can send them what they need and they will do as well. Also, you can go to the free gifts tab and sent one to each one of ur neighbors and when they get it, they will send one back.

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