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Light-bulbFarmVille celebrates 2011 with Double Mastery Weekend

by Ankit Sharma - Jan 01, 2011 Star_s379 views

FarmVille celebrates 2011 with Double Mastery Weekend!This
weekend farmers can look forward to doubling their mastery rewards
during Double Mastery Weekend. Each time you harvest a crop you will
receive double points toward that crop’s mastery. Remember, using a
bushel when harvesting a crop along with the double mastery can earn you
up to a maximum of 3 mastery points per plot.This
is a great time to work on or finish up your White Poinsettia crop
mastery, so take advantage while you still can. Double Mastery will last
until Sunday, January 2nd and will end at 9 PM PST, 11 PM CST, 12 EST.Says
FarmVille in a notification, “Happy New Year!! Let’s ring in 2011 with
Double Mastery, now until Sunday at 9:00pm PST. Happy harvesting,

FarmVille Double Mastery

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Thanks for posting the info, Ankit.


very short period...............


Thanks for posting the info, Ankit.

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