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Question-whiteHow does a nursery full of Clydesdales and Cream Drafts produce blue pony foals?

by James Robert Hanks - Jan 03, 2011 Star_s248 views

OK, I've been having problems with getting Cream Draft foals growing into Cream Draft horses until I read Teresa's reply on a post that Clydesdales would also grow into Cream Draft horses, so I filled my nursery with the those two only and had great luck at first.  Got 3 Cream Draft horses in about a week, now the last two days, I've received blue ponies from my nursery.  It's full and only has Cream Drafts and Clydesdales in it.  Must be another glitch.  Anyone else have this problem.  Don't think this ones worth fighting with Zynga over though :-)

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