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Question-whiteCityville - Custom Business Names

by Aidan McGillveray - Jan 04, 2011 Star_s16,504 views

What have you custom named your businesses? I have noticed that not many of my neighbours change theirs and go with the default option of "Name Business Type" (eg. Frank's Toy Store, Sandy's Wedding Store, etc.)

Share below your custom business names, it can help give each other some ideas.
Mine are:
Florest: When in Bloom
Pool Hall/Billards: Tight Rack n' Strokin Wood
Italian Restaurant: Pasta La Vista
Burger Place: Soon Fatt Burgers
Toy Store: The Great Big Toy Store
Bakery: Aidan's Bake Shop

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well just to name a few of my favs business names

townname- sunshine valley
downtown name-moonlight valley

baker- icing on the cake (one of my all time fav name)
sewing shop- seww......
shoe store- the shoe must go on
florist- roses are red, violets are blue
watch store- its about time
newsstand -good mystical morning (after rett and links morning daily show)
arcade- triangle square circle X
tavern- drunken lasse ( the store is pink.. so)
bed and breakfast- me casa su casa
camera store- just shoot me
washing machine store- vicious cycle
bike shop - pedal to the metal
greek restaurant- My big fat greek restaurant
chocolate shop - lifes like a box of chocolates
coco cafe- hot coco chanel
tea shop- qualitea
asian stirfry- wok this way
sushi- finding nemo
corner store- right around the corner
irish pub- the lucky charm
donut store - a hole lot more
music store- tune in
cupcake/muffin store- Ill butter your muffin
french cafe- breaking the bread
french restaurant- creme de la heartattack
burger joint - meat between the buns
toy store- toying around
candle store- burn baby burn candle inferno
fiddler shop- fiddler on the roof
hardware store- can you fix it.. now you can ( after bob the builders...can we fix it.. yes we can)
pot and pans store- calling the kettle black
dance studio- center stage
tourist store- around the world
spa- this is SPA..... ta!
hair salon- curl up and dye
eggnog shop- eggs the halls
hoilday bakery- santa little baker
bike shop- pedal to the medal
street grill- be all up in your grill
diner- Ill have what shes having
bqq joint- ribbed for her pleasure
furniture store - sofa so good

sorry the list is long but I kept finding more business names I liked in my town
but this is just a few names of some of my store


Florist: Flower Power!
Toy Shop: Joy Toys
Burger Shop: Eat My Meat
Coffee Shop: Little Red Roaster
Bakery: Yeast of All
Shamrock Singalong: The Ferret & Trouser Leg
Taqueria: Taco of the Sea
Sport Shop: Sportacus
Video Game Store: Shovelware


some of mine:
flower shoppe: the power of a flower
bike shop: badazz bikes
hotel: (obvious one) no tell motel
coffee shop: jillie's beans and things
burger: build your own burger
mask shop: behind the mask
sports shop : aaron roger's pro sports
drive in: park and peck
spa: happy endings
mud bath: relaxing begginings
pool hall: corner pocket
karts : kiddie karts
that's all i can think of right now...i might need to work on my creativity :)


Are you sitting comfortably? (there are a lot here!):

Tons of Buns
Floral 'n' Hardy
Bean & Gone (coffee shop)
Cycle Analysis (bicycle shop)
Steak Out (burgers)
Balls 'n' Holes (snooker hall)
Beauty & the Best (beauty salon)
The Codfather (seafood restaurant)
Shoebedo (shoe shop - one of my favs!)
The Cocoa Nut (cocoa shop)
Shady Chic (sunglasses)
Pasta La Vista
The Travelling Wilbury (British pub)
Excess Baggage (bag store)
Nokuki Sushi
Spin Psycho (laundromat)
Le Freak, C'est Chic (chic store)
Oodles of Noodles
Kill Bill's (dojo)
Northern Lights (fireworks)
At Your Convenience (convenience store)
Shop 'n' Bag (market)
Veggie Perrin (tofu joint)
Dirty Tree & A Turd (Irish singing place)
Mad O Rourke's (Irish pub)
Have A Fiddle
Picky Packers
Splendini Paninis
C'est Cheese
Knobs & Knockers (hardware)
The Science of Appliance
Dough Nutters
Sgt Pepper's Only Hotdog Stand
Odd Balls
Just In Time (watch shop)
Negative Impact (camera shop)
Wicks and Wax (candles - another fav of mine!)
Denim Iniquity
Open & Shut Case (luggage store)
Take-O Taco
Bowled Over
Bungdit Inn (Indian restaurant, taken from Carry On Up the Khyber)
Halikidiki House
Now You See It... (magic shop)
Lighten Up (lamp store)
Mr T's (t-shirt store)
Scuba Doo (scuba diving shop - my all-time fav!)
Walk In, Sneak Out (sneaker store)
Buoys Toys
Water Way to Travel (jet ski shop)
From Your Grill To Ours
007 Licensed to Grill
Sticky Fingers (taffy shop)
Rock & Sole Plaice (fish and chip shop)
Hit & Hope Driving Range
Hippopotapas (tapas place)
Shoots 'n' Roots (garden centre)
Styx & Stones (Greek bar & grill)
All That Glitters (jewellery store)
Birds of a Feather (song bird shop)
Plougher Power (tractor store)
Critters, Cards & Guns (western saloon)
Knit & Knatter
Festive Buns
Fur Paws Grooming
Forever Green (artificial tree store)
Sofa King Good (furniture store)
Hey Nonny Egg Nog
Bolokov's Balalaikas
Ski And Do (ski resort - pun on the Gaelic name for the traditiional dagger on a kilt)

Sorry it was such a long list, but I'm proud of it! lol


Here are some of mine:

Florist Gump
My Big Fat Greek Restaurant
Espresso Yourself (coffee shop)
Gashole (gas station)
Wish You Wash Here (laundromat)
Big Dick's Halfway Inn (hotel)
Thai One On
Aunt Chilada's (taqueria)
O'Blivion's Irish Pub
Toy Story
Lord of the Fries (burger joint)
Sportacus (sporting goods store)
Screw It All (hardware store)

Hope you like these! :)


here's my long list:

backery: senorita sprinklebuns (it's a nickname for my boxer dog)
french backery: mademoiselle parsemer chignons (senorita sprinklebuns in french!)
hardware store: screw it all
tofu burger joint: tofu queen
dance studio: the snuggly duckling
flower kiosk: forget-me-nots
garden shop: weeds n things
italian restaurant: mama mami's (mami is my the name of my mini schnauzer)
skate shop: skate or die (an old nintendo game)
seafood restaurant: crusty's crab shack (kinda after spongebob's)
bikeshop: bikes-u-likes
diner: pop's greasy spoon (i got it from a vintage sign hanging in my in-law's garage)
cosmetic store: pucker up
tavern: whiskey river
sushi bar: raw fish rolls
movie theater: silver screen's
drive-in theater: the drive-thru
hot cocoa shop: coco mo's (couldn't think of anything)
french restaurant: the house of fried frog
french cafe: le café d'escargot (the snail cafe)
laundromat: suds for duds
chic boutique: sweet cheeks boutique
jewelry store: gold diggers palace
tuxedo store: mister penguin's
bed & breakfast: sweet dreams b&b
grocery store: piggly jiggly (there's a chain of grocery stores where i live called the piggly wiggly)
spa: cloud 9
packing store: cardboard containers
shamrock sing-a-long: crooner's karaoke
st. patty's pub: the dubliner (it's a bar at the mohegan sun casino in CT)
watch store: tick tock shop
pizzeria: 2 guys & a pie (it's a local pizzeria name)
magic shop: tricks and treats
music store: pinkerton's (it's a weezer album)
tourist shop: over priced junk
extreme sports: too extreme sports
sporting store: balls n stuff (again, couldn't think of anything)
hot dog stand: bun stuffers
camera shop: polaroid portraits
taqueria: the cactus cooler
taco truck: the rolling tortilla
candle shop: scentsations
bowling alley: time to spare
jeans store: the rack room (1st thing that came to mind)
t-shirt store: t-shirt shack (1st thing that came to mind)
thai restaurant: my-thai
indian restaurant: curry kitchen
scuba shop: the scuba squad
boat shop: off da hook
jet ski shop: sea ski's
movie rental: movies 2 try b4 u buy
luggage store: suite cases
taffy shop: taffy time
ice cream parlor: the inside scoop
softserve ice cream stand: the twirly swirly
barbeque restaurant: when pigs fly bbq (it used to be a local bbq)
driving range: shooter's
appliance store: suck & blow (like that game played in the movie clueless)
lighting store: lighting la la land (i named my city la la land!)


thought id add some of my own on here

dojo - Kick 'em when they're down
burger joint- We flip 'em you eat 'em
tofu burger - Tofurger King
Hardware - Materials in the store
Bookstore- Read 'em and Weep
Sunglass store- The real slim Shadey
Asian cuisine- One Hung Lung
Watch Store- Time is Money


I don't know know about all the other businesses but i got a really good one for a ice cream palor-Brain Freeze


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Mine so far :
Bakery - A Moment on the Lips
Florist - It Can Be Arranged
Coffee Shop - Legal Grounds (next to city hall *hee*)
Toy Store - Hollipops (an actual toy store in Mount Pleasant, SC that my town is named for)
Irish Pub - Craic Heads (not what you might think, lol)
Irish Bar - Sláinte (traditional Irish toast to health)
Pool Hall - Corner Pocket (thought that one was original til I saw it on here, lol great minds and all that :P)
Book Store - In Between the Lines
Pack n Mail - Special Delivery
Laundromat - Tumble Tweeds
Tofu Burger - Doufu Hanbao (literally Tofu Burger in Chinese)
Zoo Cafeteria - Top of the Food Chain
Zoo Gift Shop - Zoovenirs
Panini Shop - Procacci (one of the oldest food shops in Florence, Italy)
Italian Restaurant - Buon Apetito
Cheese Shop - Da Vincheese
Japanese Restaurant - Miso Sake (miso is a seasoning widely used in Japanese cooking and sake, well...that too :P)
Movie House - Visulite Theatre


Here's what I got...
Wake Up! (coffee)
Taco Planet
Pizza Planet
Cheese Mania
Huge Liquor (supermarket)
Supermarket (corner store)
Animal Souvenirs (zoo gift shop)
Movies R Us
Burgers R us
Toys R You
Pimp My Bike
Nudeln (noodles in german)
Fleurs Du Monde (Flower World in french)
Tout Le Monde Le Restaurant (everybody's restaurant in french)
ristorante (restaurant in italian)
Hot Dog Mania
Rise and Shine (bed and breakfast)
Dance, Dance (dance studio)
Lady's Choice (handbag store)
TACOS!!! (Both taco places)
Treble and Bass (Music Store)
Robbery Epicenter (Jewelry store)


I try to come up with crazy names
Sweet Treats
Get yo Face on Cosmetix
Mike's Bikes (it rhymed)
The Sole Provider
We're book'd
Curry in a Hurry Indaian Food
Grubby's Burger Joint
Izook's Games -my nephew's nickname
Oddles of Noodles
Chingatha Taqueria
B-dolls Toys (my nickname from my brother in law)
Hey Diddle Diddle Fiddle Shop
Weeds n Things (flower shop 1st thing that popped in my head)
Quick Wick Candelz
Tick tock watch'z
Lucky Strike Bowling Alley
Build-R-Us (my coworker come up with it)
Corner Pocket (pool hall)
The Drunken Clam (I luv Family Guy)
Rusty Rocket's Diner (Rusty Rocket is Russel Brand on Twitter but once I saw the rocket on top i had to name it that)
Po's Panda Adventure Drive in (its in my Zoo)
Animal Giftz n mo 4 sho (zoo gift shop)
Mangy Moose Cafe (zoo caffeteria)
Dirty Dick'z Crab Shack
Taco's on the Street (taco truck)
That's a Wrap (movie Theater)
Laze and Graze (B&B)
Shady's Shades (I could not come up with a name for nothing)


I'm a Justin FAN so
JB's Internet Cafe
Justin's Jeans
Jeremy's BBQ Burgers
Jazzy's Sports
Jax Toys
Patti's Chic Boutique


mine are
Bakery:Honey Baked Ham Bakery
Fiddle shop:The Squeal and Bow
Italian Reasturaunt:Spicey Ricey italian cuizine
Coffe shop: The purple bean
Drive in theater:The Crunch N' Munch theater
Burger Joint:Heaven on a bun
Irish pub:The Irish sing-along
Bookstore:Bookstar(star walk around it)
Flower kioske:Jensen's Flower Shoppe
Candle shop:The Burning flame


corner store - Cornerstone Marketplace
bakery - Sugar Lips and Sticky Buns
coffee shop - Bean There Drank That
tavern - The Lush
hardware store - Jimbo's Hardware (I couldn't think of one so my roommate named it)
seafood rest. - Surfside
grocery store - Shop 'n' Save (yea not original lol)
flower shop - Eternal Carnation (my favorite name ever)
tofu burger joint - the bean sprout
bike shop - The Pedal Pusher
video game store - Android's Dungeon (yea stole it from the simpsons lol)
dance studio - Just Dance
bookstore - The Bookworm
tourist shop - The Tourist Trap
zoo cafeteria - Animal Crackers and Snacks
toy store - The Puzzle Box
fiddle store - Fiddlydee
irish pub - the Barley Hop Pub
sing a long place - The Rockin Sham
watch shop - Time After Time
dept. store - Woolsaks
thai rest. - Thaiphoon
indian rest. - Passage To India
french rest. - Le Jardin (means "the garden")
greek rest. - Ouzo Cafe (ouzo is an anise flavored aperitif which is an alcoholic drink served before dinner to stimulate the appetite)
italian rest. - Bel Cibo (means "beautiful food")
panini shop - Teeny's Paninis
cheese shop - Cheese Please!
taqueria - Yo Quiero Taqueria
diner - The Greasy Spoon
make up shop - Mystique
Theatre - The Silver Screen Theatre (yep not original of me lol)
magic shop - The Disappearing Act
drive in was basic with The Family Drive In Theater
bowling alley - Spare Me A Strike
sporting goods was simple as Wilson's sporting goods
sunglasses shop - Shades
shoe store - Footprints
t shirt store - Some Funny T-Shirt Name Here ( my mind just went blank when I built it lol)
packing store - The Packing Peanut
pizza shop - The Leaning Tower of Pizza (soooo not original lol)
noodle shop - The Jaded Noodle
city dojo is just The Dojo mind went blank for that one too
fireworks shop - Sprinkled Sparkles
sushi rest. - Tsunami Sushi (my second favorite name out of the game lol)


The Panini Genie
Denny's (Diner)
Abra-Cadabra! (magic store)
Bud's Bakery
Great Timing (Watches)
Shoe Show
Monkee Ward's (Dept. Store)
Pat O'Brien's (Irish Pub)
Happy Feet Dance Studio
G-Spot Game Stop
Ernesto's Taqueria
Piggly Wiggly (Grocery)
The Rockin' Shamrock
Arlecchino's Italiano Ristorante
Tools4Daze (Hardware)
The Stumble Inn (Tavern)
Les Bon Temps (French Restaurant - means the good times)
Pack it Up (Packing Store)
The Tofu Grill
Get Me to the Alter (Bridal store)
Oodles of Noodles
Surf 'n Turf (Seafood Restaurant)


I named mine after random things in my life, or things I liked that had to do with the store I was naming, especially puns =D

burger joint: Patty's Burgers
toy store: Zachary's Toys (nephew)
book store: A Likely Story
French restaurant: L'étoile (I think it means star in French)
panini shop: Flat Sammies
tofu burgers: Tofu You
hardware: Handy Hardware
arcade: All Fun & Games
sunglasses store: Shady Eyes
seafood restaurant: For Cod's Sake
Diner: Night n Day Diner
Violin Store: Strings & Things
Cinema: Blockbuster Cinema
Pub: Linda's Lounge
Department Store: Fashionation


Bridal store: Bridezillas 'n Ballgowns
Tux shop: Luna Sea Tuxedos
Shoe store Kinky Boots
Book store Tattered cover
Dojo Miyagi and Danielson
Bar The Drinkin' Memorial
chocolate Serendipity
seafood Crabs 'n Claws
Tofu burger Karma Kountry Burger
Pink bar The Three Broomsticks
Laundry Laundropalooza
Daycare Horns 'n Halos
Hardward Get Plastered Hardware
fireworks shope Mr. Big's Bang Bang Shop
cafe TWL8ZN Cafe
Makeup Sephora
Eyeglass Frame your Face
Pool Hall The Hip Joint


I've named my businesses after my family, in laws, and myself as well as other things that represent places or people in my life

Mia's Marvelous Beauty Supply---Niece
Reena's Cupcakes and Samosas---Wife
Pasta Creations by Reena ---Wife
Fraschillo's Knowledge and Power (bookstore)---Director of Bands @ The University of Southern Mississippi

Black and Gold Coffee---University of Southern MS colors
Green and White BMX Pro Shop---Eastern Michigan U colors
Santa's Warehouse--obvious
Debra's Shoe Extravaganza---Aunt
Glenda's Coney Island(Burger Joint)---Sister
Youngville 24 hour wash and dry---after my town
Corn's Grits and Waffles---after myself.
Daddy Neat's Jook Junk(Pool Hall)---Dad (was suppose to be Jook Joint, but I pressed enter too soon)

Miss Tarulata's Grocery Store---Mother in law
R.L. Gavin's Seafood Buffet---after best Friend


toy store- michael jackson's bait shop.

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