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Question-whiteaccidentally unchecked farmville at toolbar preferences, and now i can't log in to preferences page again ..

by Voney Chiu - Jan 08, 2011 Star_s319 views

can anyone help me ? i accidentally unchecked farmville at toolbar preferences, and now i can't  log in to preferences page again ..
the page keeps graying..
i did everyghing the manual says, but it's not working
refreshing the page didn't help either.. please help

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12-em-plus add reply

Unchecking farmville doesn't reallly affect loading the preferences page. Restart your browser, or uninstall/reinstall the toolbar.


Sorry mis-read, missed the 'tool bar preferances' thought he did it from FB and blocked the app.


@Julia Bain

Zynga or FB wont help Voney with snagbar issues..


Looks like you are going to have to ask zynga or FB for help. Sorry but that's nopt a gaming issue that anyone here can correct for you.

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