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Light-bulbwhy can't you buy more than one stable or chicken coop, or nursery barn. I have baby animals everywhere and they have no hoes

by Joanna Nute Beldin - May 18, 2010 Star_s733 views

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I too have baby animals all over the place and no place to put them...


Just finished the third nursery and also just found out that ZYNGA is going to allow us to have only 2 of them. What a rip off!! I spent money to get the frame work, you guys helped build it now they are going to take it away from me. If we have three we should be allowed to keep 3. Venting about all this and it is going to be taken away.


We are only allowed to buy 1 chicken co-op and expand it with the help of FV friends. When the expansion is finished then you can put a maximum of 60 chickens.

About the Nursery Barn building, you can buy your 2nd now and after finishing it, you can buy the 3rd too.

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did u check lately ur market,recently i got 2 more nursery's barns,and all my friends have been able to do it too

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