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Light-bulbcheating plz help

by Charlene Le Beau - Jan 11, 2011 Star_s155 views

could somebody plz tell me how i can get this list to show who is cheating,i have been acussed this morning for cheating,and wasnt even aware of the site,perhaps in the past i have looked on here or something i do not know,all i know is that i dnt cheat..would appreciate any help that can be given,thanks

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12-em-plus add reply

All the zynga bar does for me is give me fuel. I don't need anymore fuel. It does not snag me gifts.


Can you tell me how the zynga toolbar snags items? What do I click on?


anyone who accuses you of cheating dosen't know what they are talking about, many people have come to this page and looked or used it for gifts only. your name is shown on it but that dosent mean you are cheating. the snag bar is just like zynga's game bar only with a different name, both of these bars do the same thing and that is snag item's. people call gamers unite snag bar cheating because it's not associated with zynga, and that my friend is zynga's fault cause personally gamers unite is way better than zynga's game bar, so don't worry about those people who are calling you a cheater they are misinformed, besides why do you want those kind of neighbor's anyway? get rid of them well that only my opinion but it's up to you, some of my neighbor's also called me a cheater and I said to them "see ya" poof they were gone but then again don't call me a cheater if you don't know for sure, just cause my name shows up dosen't mean I am cheating.....

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