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Light-bulbCityVille Important Hints/Tips, Building Info - For A Beginner, Up To Level 30+ Get The Maximum From Your Cit

by Rachel Gr - Jan 13, 2011 Star_s2,001 views

A Few CityVille Tips & Hints....
A lot of people dont have the stock to replenish their stores...
The best way to do this, is by having a few crops down. Now a lot of people think CityVille is like FarmVille, and lay down a lot of plots LOL
This isnt the case, and there isnt need to have half of your city
laden down with crops, which will just end up withering, as you wont
have the storage for them.
What worked best for me, from when i started out, I had about 15-20
plots down, and planted Corn... Which take 1 day, and another 1 day to
die. So technically you get 2 days!!!
Then when you harvest some, you may run out of storage, so i bought
4-5 storage silos. Until i levelled up a bit more, and was able to get
another barn, and then sticks....
Once you have stocked up all your businesses, and your stock
is low, the easiest way to get a few free stock, is to go visit every
neighbour, and harvest any crops they may have. You will get 15 stock
from each plot you harvest for your neighbour, now multiply this by
however many neighbours you have, and it can be very rewarding indeed,
and quick too
If your own crops arent ready for another day or so. As also buying stock from the train, too takes time...
When your stock is mid way, you can then vary the crops you seed and plant.
Personally I tend to plant a few peas and wheat, maybe 3-4 of each,
perhaps 5 corn, 5 pumpkins, and 5 cranberries. So no matter what time
you get back to your City, you will always have a few crops ready to

The same goes for people who are always running low on Energy...
Best and quickest way, is again, to visit all your neighbours
Citys... You get 3 energy, and stock also. So it pays to do this. If you
have the time. As it can be time consuming. But another plus side, if
you keep on visiting your neighbours everyday, and collect the red
hearts (reputation) and coins, your reputation will go up and up and up,
and the higher it goes, when you level it up, you will get more and
more goods/stock. Again for free, so its worth doing :)

And lastly, a little tip on saving those precious stocks you have left,
is to place some empty property plots down, and publish on your wall
that you want neighbours to open a business in your city. As they
provide the stock daily, and you get the coins and bonuses.

To get a bigger HQ (Head Quarters) for your businesses, when
placing your businesses on your neighbours land/cities, try using the
same type of business, as the more you have open of the same one, the
bigger your HQ goes.... Although you can choose 3 different business
types, to place on neighbours cities, Then when you get past level 30,
you can add another franchise, and expand...

To gain maximum coins and xp, use the decorations, and place
them close by a business or house/property, it will tell you in blue
writing the percentage. The decorations could be anything from a fence
or wall, to a table or flowers etc...

Oh and il end by saying, on your christmas tree, DO NOT open any of the presents.
I made a massive mistake of opening 32 presents, then it put me back to zero, and said i had to collect another 40 presents :(
And a lot of my neighbours too made the exact same mistake.

So there is a few of my tips for the newest Zynga game CityVille.
Its a very addictive game, and once iv learnt a lot more on the
game, i will come back and write a bit more info/tips on the game...

Thanks for reading and please rate or gimme a thumbs up 

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12-em-plus add reply

Great Info thanks :)


I like this a lot Aneta, great tip, thanks :))


yeah a lot of people think the game is like farmville, and that you need a lot of plots. this is not true, as we all figured out now. i deleted all mine too lol and now only have around 15-20 plots, which is enough for me, and im now level 30 and i manage just fine, with stock etc :D


i regret having 90 of plots, i deleted them aside fr wasting space, no supporting energy to harvest it :D

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