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Light-bulbTop posters of the week ( Jan 14th) Congrats for winning 200 GU! coins!

by Amy Wong - Jan 14, 2011 Star_s2,654 views

This is the 4th week to annouce the top posters of the week and hope it has been inspiring people to write great posts!

Here are the posts of the week!

DUCK POND OVERVIEW- VERY SIMPLE - Teresa is our guest writer and we really like the way she always writes in her own words, keeps her post updated, and replies to the people who commented on her post. Guest writers do have a great chance in winning these coins, so if you think you deserve to be one, please let us know! :) Go check out all the other posts by our guest writers here.

SOCIAL CITY FREE DONUT SHOP 99.9% OF PEOPLE CAN GET IT.  - This is a very short post but to the point and credits the source. And YES I did get my free donut shop! :)

City Arrangement Matters! - I really like her tip about arranging the town around the Arboretums and Flowers, it looks nice and works! The post might not have perfect info, but we don't really care (that much), we really like to see people participating to the discussion! :)

CityVille Important Hints/Tips, Building Info - For A Beginner, Up To Level 30+ Get The Maximum From Your City - As Chao described in the other post, we have a list of the most viewed and liked posts from the last two weeks to help us choose the best posts. Well, in this case, Rachel private messaged me via Facebook and told me to check out her awesome post :D So if you think you have a good post, don't hesitate to tell us! If your post got buried, write us so we can discover the hidden gem!

Also we would love to award some people who left great answers to help other people on the forum.

Sieta Meian-Majok for answering a very popular question on how to change your city/business name in Cityville. We love that the poster came back to reply that it worked too,  always come back to your post and thank people if you ask a question on our forum :)

Laurine Gauthier for answering about the annoying Holiday tree quest on Cityville. She didn't know the answer but actually contact Zynga and reported that on the thread to help others. Awesome job!

Congrats to all for winning 200 GU! coins!

Are we misssing any good posts that should had been awarded? Or anybody really helpful that you think deserves to be mentioned? Please let us know! :)

EDIT:  We would also like to award

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION MISSION - It's a repost from another site but this was one of the most popular post this week! Thanks Denise for the info and crediting the source :)

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so why i didnt see offers for gu coins ? for free


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :) lol


love monster world


Love the games and snag bar


so can i get 200gu coins for this post?


@chao but want my post usefull??


@Faisal, thanks for the helpful post!

Remember, we look through the most popular and shared posts over the previous 2 weeks, to determine the winner for each week, as stated when we introduced this reward. We do this precisely because we know there may be good posts that are posted just a day or two before we do the choosing each week.

So, you're not out of the running yet; stay tuned this week (when it's my turn and privilege to choose :)


yes my post was the best..i gave the unlimted cheat for the cityville so y i m not rewarded


THANKS AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you so much Amy!  And thank you to all the wonderful posters....  I'm able to help out a lot of my friends thanks to the great information here :D


Awww i got post of the week? wow, i didnt expect that... thanks so much to everyone and amy!!!
i will update more, as i figure out more on the game.

thanks again.
i didnt do it for the coin things, i dont even know what they are for, i merely did it to help others, and so they didnt make the same mistakes i did....

thanks amy and to everyone who read my post, am blown away, as it was the first guide/post iv written :D
so im well happy xoxoxox


Thanks alot its an honour to be a member here.
Glad to be able to help the friendly people who use gamers unite.

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