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Light-bulbZynga CityVille Glitches Tips Hints Cheats !?!

by Rachel Gr - Jan 15, 2011 Star_s2,387 views

Can we use this post, for people to post about any tips, cheats or glitches
into the game?

Very early on into zynga games, are a million and one mistakes... Im just in
the process of trying out different things, and finding out little glitches...
Not much worth mentionin bout just yet, but on frontierville i found a HUGE HUGE
profitable glitch. Z* eventually cottoned on, and it was stopped LOL

Not trying to exploit the game or anything, as that takes away all the fun,
but lil hints, tips, cheats and glitches, to gain maximum xp and coins thats
all. Some call it cheating, some call it an unfair advantage. I call it an
option. You dont HAVE to do it, if you find something what isnt right in the

will post back if i find something, my lil blonde brain is always working
overdrive whilst in my city and im always fiddling about, moving things, and
trying out new things, in the hope of finding a lil gold mine so to speak

Please reply if you have found any yourself?

Thanks for reading guys. P.s Amy you rock, and thanks for having me as a
neighbour x x x

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12-em-plus add reply

i want to ask something... i have a task to complete which is i need to collect from valor industries but i dont have one i have checked in my inventory and in the build menu nothing is there so its a request to zygna please help me.... thank you

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