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Light-bulbbonus checker wont let me adopt animals

by Nabeela Osman - May 18, 2010 Star_s278 views

everytime i try and adopt animals from the bonus checker it tells me that i'm not friends with the person...when i am...i have then search through my whole feed to try and hopefully find the animal:(

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12-em-plus add reply

I have the same problem here and there. Bonus checker is a work in progress, it has come a long way since I started using it quite a few months ago. It took them about a month to update it when the animals like the bintouroung etc were added to the feed so I only used it once in a while. It used to freeze my browsers up also and they seemed to have fixed that problem. It's a patience app because it's not perfect. lol

Someone else on here said something about an add on for firefox called grease monkey. I'm redownloading firefox now and i'm going to try it out.

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