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Light-bulbFarmville Limit on wall feed posts clicking, plz go here and Vote NO ON LIMITS !!

by April Evans - Jan 19, 2011 Star_s752 views

please go to zynga forums and post your opinions on This LImit of items becuase it seems it not only is limits on wall feed posts we click on it includes the gifts we accpet / the friends we help / Barn raising /chicken coop helping/ ect..... We need to flood there forums with complaints lets get the restriction removed !!

I do not agree with this Limit !!

This just might be the last days of me farming, All my hard work is going to be ruined by a Limit .

Its a Sad day in Farmville today as they restrict are Gift accepting and /friend and nieghbor helping/ the fun from clicking on Mystery Eggs from the wall feeds I thought Farmville brought players around the world together in a farming gameing community to HELP each other out with wall feed Publishing, Now its going to be ONE FOR ALL ALL FOR ONE ..... Example>>>>>>>NO i cant help your barn raising I am saving my Last click for a Mystery Egg
Way to go Zynga throw it all out the window .................

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12-em-plus add reply

What's current with this? I stopped playing for a while over it (because it's BS)... I haven't heard anything new...


The only thing zynga pay attention to is if players stop playing for a while and stop spending.I think a boycote is the answer.


I was banned from their forum cause they didn't like what I said. You all better watch your wording, If it isn't warm & fuzzy they will censor you & kick you out.


yes truely said then what we wud do for helping others and our ownselves this like a war for zynga and what zynga would do for the others feed left over at least "GU" is helping in a lot good manner for us to snag every little thing and now only 125 things shit to zynga and ya i am voting for this....!!


Even without the snag bar I have over 200 neighbors so this limit is no good at all. Now i cannot help no one at all. I do not like it at all. I am voting.

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