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Question-white125 GIFT LIMIT

by Ann Geene - Jan 19, 2011 Star_s536 views

Zynga has set a 125 gift limit per thats okay i guess but I cant help neighbors with things they need ??? is this fair?? trying to stop GU is hurting non users too.. hope this for the long run..this isnt fair to anyone ..and i am a GU bar user .... SUXS

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12-em-plus add reply

I agree that it bites the big one. It's just another way for Farmville and Zynga to show us that they do not appreciate the players. I use the snagbar proudly, as do all of my friends and neighbors. We all help each other. If I know someone needs something that I don't have, I can always come here to this site and find it. It goes hand in hand. I have neighbors right now asking me to help them, and what...thanks Farmville gods I can't help them now. I may stop playing all together. Hopefully they remove this new idea of theirs.
Thanks for letting me rant!

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