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by Cheryl Carmany Marr - May 18, 2010 Star_s1,424 views

why can we only help our neighbors once with tools for releasing the animal in the barrel? I have many HA neighbors, but the majority of them have not been playing the game. The ones who have been playing doesnt give me enough to finish the project. I am 73% finished, but cannot get any further...I believe neighbors should be able to help more than once.

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add me happy aqurame


need happy aquarium neighbors who play!!!
add me


help ... need to finishh my expedition..


Im looking for new buddies in happy aquarium and other games on facebook add me :)


You don't have to be FB friends... there is a 2000+ page thread on the HA support page where that allow you to put you help links... just post it, copy the link. (You can change the ID# in the link from 0 through 5 to cover all the items. It is how I got my whale free and my expedition finished.


I totally agree! If you don't have enough neighbors to help the animal it is never going to be released from the barrel unless you pay an arm and a leg to release it. Some neighbors either can't get the help application to work or don't help.
Happy Aquarium needs to do something different about this problem.


Dammit I have been trying to do this for 3 weeks now kinda frustrating that we cant help anyone other than friends and even then we can only help once :( guess alot of us wont get the pet in the barrel sob sob


i totaly agree most of my fb mate ant on happy aquqrium it sucks big time :(

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