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Light-bulbUpset about the Farmville Collecting Limit?

by Amy Wong - Jan 20, 2011 Star_s24,738 views

As many of you have heard, Farmville now limits the number of items you can collect from your wall to 125 items. (Wall to wall posts between two neighbors, barn raising help requests, and fuel posts do not count)

It might affect some hard core users, but the snag bar will still be useful because:

  1. The Snag bar lets you select what you want to snag. This really doesn't change even if the limit is 125. If you are looking for that rare foal, just select that in the toolbar preferences and the Snag Bar will do the rest of the work! Of course, this new change will make you even more selective about what you want to collect from the feed, so go set your preferences more often than ever!
  2. We will soon be introducing a "Stop Snag Bar after X number of items"! There have been requests to have the max number people can snag to prevent from real hard core users collecting 10 thousands Holiday Gifts. Since Frontierville and Cityville (yes you heard me right, Snag bar for Cityville will be available real soon!) also have limits, we were acually already thinking of implementing this as another preference where people can select the max number per day per game.  This will come in real handy for Farmville. Let's say you need 30 nails for the Valentines House. Make sure you select only "Nails" in the "Building Materials" and nothing else. Hit snag and forget it, go take a shower or something. The Snag bar will stop after it collected 30 nails and you are ready to collect something else! This feature will be released almost at the same time we release Cityville, so stay tuned!!

That doesn't mean that you can use the Snag Bar exaclty the same way you were using before the change. Here are some tips we think might help.

  1. Don't collect coins and fuel rewards if you have tons of them already!
  2. Need to collect lots of Water Cans? Here's an excellent post by Lance that lets you do by having lots of Snow man (He gets 78 cans a day!) (only have 14 days left so hurry!)
  3. Again, BE SELECTIVE! Don't just snag things you don't even want.
  4. Anything else? Please share!!

Choose what to snag wisely to minimize the impact :)

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whats going on when first the only way to expand your land is to make 4,000.oo dollars or 120 in cashville now you get it and then surprise surprise.. you need more friends... ok... then you get gifts only not to show up what? really dispointed..


who do i send a message to that actually gets answered by someone at zynga?


i have changed my items to snag but its still snagging the ones i dont want.. how do i fix this? like water cans and stuff like that.. the seeds omg i so hate them things! i like getting the ones from my own farm but not from everybody else... plz help.. thanks!


I really upset about that Bcos Limit not good for game and players!
And when a player give unlimited time why game said ur gift limit end!!!!!!!
I hope i hear good news ASAP!



I had my entire post from Zynga's website because they didn't want to say anything about what was going on but they did want to monitor what we said about how we feel. I don't think they liked the fact that I compared them to Microsoft either...they steal all their games from other people (links below) and have recently bought out a not so popular social site so that they can start stealing ideas from FB. If you don't believe me here's what I had to say (with their edits and my edits back):

First, I want to say that putting a limit on the amount of items that you get off the feed is ridiculous. Being a social game means that we are on FB and we are trying to help our neighbors while helping ourselves at the same time. It's impossible for me to finish a building that requires 117-120 items to build without collecting them on the feed because I'm not going to use my hard earned money to buy A SINGLE BOARD for even a single FC. I understand about not being able to tell whether you are coming up against a bot or not because it happens in ALL games. Take World of Warcraft for example: Here is a very social MMO...People are using bots to help them (DBM, Gatherer, Gearscore, TitanPanel, and so on) and yet it doesn't affect the next player from getting on there and enjoying their game even though the person with say Gatherer gets to an herb or vein before another just because they have an extra advantage. WoW's biggest problem are the fishing bots and they have people that monitor that, if they suspect that someone is using a bot to do their fishing instead of doing it the way it's intended they drop them off in front of a raid boss and kill them (also making it impossible to retrieve their body and having to resurrect at the healer which causes them to have rez sickness for 10 minutes (meaning they deal and heal half of what they normally would and they have to pay for the damage done to their armor) and if caught multiple times their account is banned. I haven't really heard any great reasons why a [unmentionable] (I just wanted to point out that they edited my post to take out the word SNAG BAR, though I'm not sure if I actually said GAMER'S UNITE SNAGBAR or not I still find it funny that they won't even condone the fact that you name what it is...I'm not linking it to another site, of course, just saying a name and apparently even THAT is against TOS (even though it says nothing about that in there as I have read it, it does say that you can't LINK but I didn't LINK I only stated a name. Are they really that scared of one little site that they have to call it an unmentionable?) is that obtrusive to other players. I have several friends that use it (I don't myself but I don't have very much time to play - but of those friends of mine that DO use the snag bar don't really get any more of the special items than I do simply because they HAVE so many friends that play) and it doesn't cause me to go into hysterics because I didn't get a special foal or egg before they do. It's a game! If people are being baby over the fact that they aren't getting an item or two then they need to grow up and realize that there is a world beyond the computer, beyond farmville, beyond (yes) even Zynga themselves. The only good thing I DO see coming from the limit is that maybe some people will actually get up from the computer and start going outside a little more, enjoy the weather and do something with their family instead of having their face stuck in front of a computer screen and praying that one day they won't get cancer. BUT if you feel you must impose this limit below is a list that I have thought about since reading all 230+ pages of this forum and the reasons WHY it shouldn't be part of the implemented limit. As for the blocking those people who use Gamers Unite remember that even though the snag bar cannot snag off you if they go back and snag it themselves they can still get off your feed but they do have to do it the manual way. Though this is great for you to limit that amount, it's also not actually stopping them from snagging from you when they are actually at the computer. As far as the Gamer's Unite Snagbar, if you actually researched it you can choose what items you want to collect from the feed. Several of my friends have opted out of not getting the mystery seedlings, foals (because they have so many already), and a lot of other things because the Gamer's Unite gives you the option of what you want to snag and don't want to snag so that you're not snagging every little thing that comes up. Perhaps you could try to implement one of these programs of your own and making us pay a significant amount of coins or FC to use it (one time only, of course).

Things that SHOULD NOT be part of the limit:

Helping friends/neighbors (this is, after all, a social game and it's all about helping each other, right? with the new limit imposed it's impossible for me to help my friends because there are other things that I need more instead of helping them - we're all greedy like that, it's human nature).

Building Materials (if you are wanting us to build a gigantic, let's say, castle then are going to limit the fact that I can only get 125 items off the board and yet the castle itself takes 120 items...well I have my castle built but I don't have any special items like collectibles, foals, etc. and, well, frankly, you just ruined the whole deal for me because I'm not going to sit there and beg my friends to help me if I'm not going to help them because that would just be rude. Nor am I going to use my hard earned money to buy one from the market because that's a waste of my real money. Or you could simply make buildings use less of these items to build so we don't have to collect as much from the feed.)

Fuel (I don't need to snag it off the bar anymore but those that do - like newbie players that don't use the snag bar anyway - are being left out in the dust clicking away to harvest, clean it up and plant again because they aren't going to want to spend their day collecting fuel when they could be collecting the neat stuff like valentine's so they can get the cool stuff from collecting those.)

Watering Cans (I personally don't have a lot of orchards, though I have thought about it because it would help me organize my farm a little more than what it is now but with all the seedlings you get from doing going the "orchard" way you'd have to spend your entire 125 limit just on those to grow your trees into adults. So either reduce the amount of cans you need to grow your tree or don't make them effect the limit of items you can get off your feed.)

Truffles (Technically these things are being put on a friends personal page and not the feed so why are they counting anyway? There's no point in even trying to send your pigs out to search if you can't claim the truffle to send to your friends.)

Event Collections (There's an upside and a downside to this. The upside is that I don't have to look at the 'comparison' part of the page and see that I'm dead last...again...except for those that don't play and don't collect off the feed anyway - I have a lot of these people as my friends that play. The downside is that you can only give away ONE item from those collections every time you "buy" something with those special collections. Okay so make it to where 10 people can collect that one item instead of one so everyone has a chance instead of everyone fighting over that one item that was posted.)

Bushels (We need these items in order to make goods so by taking these items off your limit allows us to make more goods and thus generating more fuel for ourselves to use and thus not trying to grab the fuel off the feed as much as we did before because there's no need for it. While I'm on the subject of bushels you should also increase the size of our stalls because 100 slots isn't enough to be able to create the amount of goods that one could do in a 24 hours period - it takes around 50 goods to fill six ovens/slots/vats and you're doing this four times a day. Think about that, Zynga, 150-200 would be nice but anything over that would be excessive.)

XP (It's hard enough to level up as it is, especially as someone who doesn't get to play very often so why are you limiting the amount of XP when all we want to do is level up so we can plant/send more stuff to our friends?)

Coins (The things you buy from the 'store' are way expensive. Say I want to buy that special mansion you've got but it's 5 million coins. I barely made enough to upgrade my farm to the last biggest one you've had that doesn't cost FC and it would take me MONTHS to save up for that when there are other things that I want as well. Lower the prices in there or let us collect these things from the feed without it going against our limit.)

Quest Items (Why would I help a friend, using up part of my limit, to help a friend get a collectable. Sure I get one too but what if I've already finished that part of the quest line? These should not be on the limit of things you get from the feed.)

Feed Bags (These are required about once a day, for a more active player they are required at most, two, so there's 40 clicks from the feed taking up of that 125 items. This should be a free things since most people post at the halfway point as well as the full point giving away two free bags every time they have to fill up and yet it takes 20 bags to fill it.)

Honey Bees (It takes 200 honey bees to fill up your beehive so even if you CAN get that many off feed in a day that's ALL of your requests on one day and HALF of another. These should not be counted towards the limit for that reason alone.)

Pig Slop (These take 40 a day now just to try to harvest a truffle to SEND TO OUR FRIENDS. We don't get to keep the truffle, we don't even get the pig from it IT'S FOR OUR FRIENDS so why are we having this counted against us when we're collecting them to HELP OUR FRIENDS!?)

Items that are on the Gift Page (These items are being sent to friends anyway so why are we being punished if it's put on the feed? This just isn't a fair thing to do, Zynga.)

This is a list of things that SHOULD be restricted so everyone gets a chance:




Special Gifts from Special Collections (i.e. Halloween turn-ins, Valentine turn-ins, Christmas turn-ins and so on)



Collection Items


Fertilize All


Special "Rare" Animals (i.e. Turkey, Horses, Cows, Baby Turkeys, Sheep, Bulls, Cats (of all types), Elephants, Squirrels, Ducks (of all types), Rabbits, Ewes, Pigs (not from truffles), Rare Chickens [Rainbow, Candy Cane, Rhode Island, Cornish, Scots Grey, Super Chicken, Silkie Chicken], Reindeer, Mules, Bucks and so on.)

Some other suggestions are to educate your players, as one poster has already stated and make a forum or a page teaching how to find and take care of the snag bar users they don't want taking from their feed. Don't implement a design on the game without forewarning that you are going to do it and give all research data that you have collected as to why you are setting the limit to what you are setting it at (like most scientific researchers do on a regular basis, that's what scientific journals are all about. The 500 or so people that work at Zynga are NOT a control group!) Give items to users who visit their neighbors farms just because they took the time to visit their neighbors farms. It's like extra credit! Increase the things that you can "gift back" into the feed so that more people have a chance to get the item(s) they need. As said on an earlier post, install a "wishlist" as was done in Frontierville as well as Cityville because it does seem to work very well on those games. I, personally, get those things on my wishlist frequently because my neighbors are so nice.

As for now if there is anything else I can think to add I will but I have a real life to attend to and a poker tournament to win at a local bar with friends, face to face, not over the internet. Chow!

Last edited by PlainD (SUPER MODERATOR - So they are apparently looking at the boards in order to stifle anything said that they feel might hurt themselves. What I did in this post was merely give great suggestions [though I'm always open to feedback about my suggestions which is why I posted this to begin with] and Zynga is too scared to even allow the mere FREEDOM OF SPEECH, OUR FIRST AMENDMENT, because they are too scared of a bot and don't know how to handle themselves when it comes to the public. What we have on our hands is a wanna be George W. Bush in the making and this chick will always vote against.)


I also want to point out that since I have posted this I do use the snagbar...It's much easier and now I don't have to smother the feed when I'm on FB and can spend time actually chatting with my friends.


If you're curious about the buy out of another social site and the stealing from other ideas here are a couple links:




In my opinion, they should give us more access not less. I don't have money to spend on FV dollars. Why do we have things we can never afford. At leave give us "poor" farmers a chance. They have us right where they want us. Feels too much like "Big Brother."


this really sucks, why do they have to interfer with this. Its available to anyone who is smart enough to download it , it isnt preventing anyone from using it. Just really pissed off


I hate it... Yesterday it snagged over the limit and then i was looking and somebody posted the St. Patrick's Day Lodge or whatever that house thing is that you get from the wishing well!!!! :(


Dont like this 125 items now. Thought it would have been ok but Im not a happy bunny, miss all my snags. Was getting quite alot of stuff. lucky even if I get 125 item in a full day. I have turned it off and on all day and I havent got many items at all. Missing out on so much now. Have missed so many nice animals and trees. Oh not at all happy. x


Its no fun to play anymore. I have a lot of frends and also helps them, then i get a gift for helping and thats in the 125 things i can get. I wont help frends anymore if i have to pay for it. The gifts my frends are locking so i can get it, i dont get them either. The 125 is shit, take it away or raise the limit. Today its 14.00 and the limit was reached, i can just stop playing. I cant get anything anyway, im mad at this..


They can delete me...Im a level 108 in Farmville and have discovered farmville china with the help of snag bar postings...the possibilities are endless


Does anyone know why the snagbar doesn't snag items that friends put on you, for example I have a friend that put some trees on me, but the snagbar doesn't take them even that I ticked them in the snagbar setup.
Anyone else get this problem?


mine stopped after 70 today. It wouldn't let me even get the fuel someone found on my farm and posted to my wall.


i am blocked from any game feed snags since yesterday afternoon, no matter what I try, no response from the zynga customer support or forum either. i snagged around 50 items yesterday and that was it, since over 24 hours now I get the darn message ' hey there bla bla try tomorrow' By now it looks like it is enough to be member at GU to get slapped by matter if one uses the snag bar or not. Anyone else with the same experience?


What does this message? "Slow down there Farmer, you're trying to claim too many rewards from your friends at once! Try again in an hour.." May you going to put us many obstacles? We can quit anytime this "wonderful" game!


I think that Zynga changed the TOS is because people were actually playing like they should.
I do not think its right that they CHANGE gameplay while people are actually working their farms and spending money. They messed up doing this. People are walking away because of the limits placed on the game. people spent alot of money on their farms. They will find a way to change morer rules to the TOS. No more breeding, only 5 orchards done a day... ect! always something with them.

They want to limit the amount of stuff that is posted on the feed. They wanted to give others a chance to level up also by the 125 limit. They want to slow people down.

I work my farm but I do other things to level up quickly. I use the bar 24/7. I have to reset it daily cause mine is a lil loopy at the moment. lol


Well if this is true farmville! I will not spend any cash money. Maybe we should boycout.


STUPID BUTTHEADS they just have to screw with what is actually WORKING.

Have they not heard of:

If it's NOT BROKE then DON'T try to FIX IT

Really P.O ed About this

My snag bar only seems to go back about 3 hrs and I manually click on the rest of the links and go back 24hrs. If I am going to take all that time and energy for nothing then what is the point. There are still lots of links left to collect on even that far back so i don't see how anyone who takes the time to go through them really can't get anything. Even withe the snag bar people are using there are Still LOTS of links available for everyone. So I think lack of links available for other people being the reason for limiting is not valid in this case.

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