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Light-bulbBOYCOTT Farmville until they see sense and take this 125 limit off

by Mel Park - Jan 20, 2011 Star_s389 views

I have written to Zynga saying I am not happy with what they are doing. 125 is ridiculous we cannot play like this, especially as we have alot of neighbours. Which Zynga are happy for us all to have. I am boycotting Farmville until they stop this nonsense.. I hope you will join me. This I hope will make them take notice. So please spread the word and sit this out..

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12-em-plus add reply

Oh my, Margi it sound like your being punished like a child.... that is terrbile...

I am fed up with people thinking that having a snag bar is the cause of this, and that its stops others from collecting.. we all know it is possible send in a message rewards to your closest friends, OR not to post and share. Not everyone gifts. Not everyone clicks on Barn raisings. Not everyone particiaptes in Co-ops that joins them. Then there is the iphone gifts, why do they get the special gifts? (because farmville has an app for iphone = money for FV).

If you have a snagbar, and use it you would have to limit yourself anyway.. otherwise you spend all day.. clicking to delete/sell things... I often delete fuel, as I have so much. How do I get so much by making crafts. And in the beginning of crafting I bought everyone's crafts.

125 limit is ricidculous.. look at the Valentine event... extra things to collect and click for. 10 buckets for seedlings, need seedlings to collect trees to get mastery. Collections this is a joke.. I just completed the Art collection.. I had all the RARE items before the common items. Why? because this is what comes up when ploughing, and obviously the same for my neighbours. Mystery eggs, do any of know whats inside before we recieve them NO. So if you click on these, you could just something you don't want, rather than the item you do want. Bushells for crafting, does everyone grow what is needed for their crafts? do your neighbours? Do your neighbours all buy your crafts?

I can go on and on here.. and do not get me started on Co-ops and people who join at the last knockings, or never plant.

But to limit us is to obviously a move towards making us buy things with FV cash.. Why did they not limit neighbours? As this would stop snaging affect so many? As you would know who was getting ALL the goodies if you were limited to 10 neighbours. One of my neighbours has over 300, he has friends join his page even though they can't actually be a neighbour. Now it is no way possible to visit all those farms.. But do Farmville get upset about this? NO. They are happy for people like him, as he is helping Farmville to grow.


I got banned forever. I wasn't playing nicely with others.


lol already there.. i made a comment on the zynga forum in which i used the word boycott and they banned me from the games and their forum until saturday night... awww i got a time out... bahahahaha

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