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Light-bulbmonster galaxy what to do next?

by Kristina Hunter - Jan 20, 2011 Star_s1,217 views

im at the end of the map and waiting for my raft to be built but ive been waiting awhial is there something i have to do first befor he completes the raft plz help want to move on

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12-em-plus add reply

Hey Cortex is up. You dont need to wait for a raft to be built. Go click on the world tab at the top-let corner and a new map called Pueblonia should be unlocked. Cortex is in there.


unfortunately the new area Cortexx is not currently a playble region its getting worked on as we speak and will b up soon untill then just train up ur mogas and get ready for the tougher challenges tht await u in cortex :)

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