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Question-whiteHow are people getting unreleased items?

by Christie Gilliam - Jan 20, 2011 Star_s1,419 views

I have seen ppl posting the pink calf that I know is unreleased and also the pink bubble gum tree which is unreleased.. How are they doing that and how do you use the codes in charles to get them?

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12-em-plus add reply

you need to combine a red ornament tree and a regular bubblegum tree to get the pink bubblegum seeds


if you want a bubble gum tree facebook message me i usually get 1 every 2-6 days. will give for free but hopefully in return down the line, some one will give me a tree that i don't have when i want one of them.


Pink calves and pink patch calves have been around a long time. Ya just don't see them much anymore since people use the Lost animal converter to get their rare calves, rather than going to the trouble and expense of buying the cows and breeding them.
Easy to use, do your homework and look it up. Pink bubble gum trees are just bubble gum trees that have just been harvested. They turn to different colors when they are ready to harvest. You can get them in the market, (waste of Farmcash) since they are overpriced and you can also get them off of your feed or from a mystery seedling. They originally were a second generation tree from the snowcone and cotton candy trees which are no longer available, from the county fair promo. Hope this helps..


you can actually get the pink bubble gum tree from seedlings on the feed i do believe bg trees are making them

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