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Light-bulbgiant Bubblegum tree? what is it

by Erin McHugh - Jan 21, 2011 Star_s718 views

Has anyone gotten the giant bubblegum tree. i got it from a seedling but when i grew it ther is no picture, and when i put it in an orchard it just adapts the picture of a random tree. im so confused.

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12-em-plus add reply

I found when I add a bubblegum tree to a ready to harvest orchard it gets huge! It stays that way till the harvesting is done then goes back tom normal size. It happens to me just about everyday.


I got 2 seedlings a day ago and when I watered them they grew up and they are invisible, I can't see them just 2 little spots on the farm where they should be


what tree does the seedling come from


thats strange that it hasnt been realesed. i never heard about it until it popped up i was like what is this, i hope i dont get in trouble because i got it from someone else.


It has not been officially released yet. It will happen on Jan 24, 2011


Wow no way. I am do breed bubblegum tree and I have never gotten one. To Cool.


yes it is called the regular pink bubblegum tree which makes the Giant Pink Bubblegum tree, I have one tree and am trying to make seeds:)

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