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Light-bulbNew Miss Fanny Missions

by Yulius Hendra - Jan 22, 2011 Star_s513 views

Part I of III
Chop Down 5 Trees
Have or Get 5 Fire
Customize the Schoolhouse
reward : 1000 XP, basketball, 500 coins

Part II of III
Collect 10 Birch Barks
Harvest 20 Corn
Have One Stove
reward : 1000 XP, birchbeer, 500 coins

Part III of III
Purchase five Bales of Hay at the Market.
Collect 10 Jig Music
Collect Schoolhouse Bonus
reward : 1000 XP, banjo, 500 coins
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12-em-plus add reply

need my corn doing


i need my corn doing x


If anyone wants me to do their corn let me know. We can trade the harvesting of corn.

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