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Question-whiteSleeping potion in Ravenwood Fair

by Sherry Lambert McBride - Jan 22, 2011 Star_s2,931 views

Can anyone tell me what the Sleeping Potion does exactly?  I know if brings back your forest, but what happens to the items on your land?  Does it just put trees back around the items, or does it wipe out everything?  Thank you for any help!

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Sleeping potion grows trees (you have a 50/50 chance in any open space that isn't within range of a protector). That's it. Your buildings are unharmed, your games are unharmed. If you have grass, decorations, etc. around your buildings, no trees will grow next to them so they won't get thorned (you should make sure that trees don't grown next to your buildings anyway because the buildings WILL get thorned if you leave trees next to things too long without cutting them down). But don't cut down all your trees (you may be tempted to get rid of the monsters once and for all) -- you need wood and the things that come out of cutting trees (sap, food, gifts, etc.) no matter how far you go in the game. I'm level 40 something and still have about 1/5 of my Fair growing trees and I use sleeping potion regularly when I need wood, sap or pine cones for challenges, etc. Don't be afraid to try it ... the game developers aren't that cruel :) Sleeping potion is a great tool.




I had the same problem, I left a pretty large portion of my fair empty and only a few trees popped up, I was expecting every open space to sprout trees, which is what the item sounds like it will do, but that is not the result I got at all!


I got one of these from cutting my last tree *what you know my last one >.<* i read about it so.. i took 30% of my things off for room about 50 spots... clicked it and it went black for a sec came back i had 6 trees O.o 6 ! only 6!! Bah!!! GRRRR.. ok i feel better .. so is that what it is post to do?


I needed trees more wood to build more buildings so I wanted to know what the sleeping potion did... it's amazing! I highly recommend its use lol... I placed grass tiles on all parts of land that didn't have other buildings, items or decorations and i designated a "forest" area in my fair with all unused tiles. Then I used the potion and my tree growth stayed limited to that one small area. YAY! :) So, if you want to regrow all your trees but not lose any of your progress and not get thorned buildings... desigante a forest area and cover all remaining exposed tiles with stuff then use the sleeping potion. I used the stream tiles to separate my forest area from the rest of my fair to avoid thorning of my buildings. Fences work, too.


It just puts tree back in all empty spots. Building and games are unharmed. I didn't get any thorns but I have grass around my land only got trees on sides that had nothing on them.


it fills your whole fair with trees i think everything gets thorned......

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