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Light-bulbNot recieving Gifts or bonuses

by Stacy Lynn Oba - Jan 22, 2011 Star_s260 views

  This game is really getting ridiculious. For 8 mths i tried to load the game and come to find out it was a problem on their end.  i finally got someone to respond after 8 mnths.  2 days ago I finally got the game to load.  since then my neighbors have sent me abt 50 gifts and I have not gotten a single one in my gift box.  Also i cant even collect the rewards when i click on bonus feeds from other players.  owe yeah it tells me im rewards a fancy table or some kind of muffin and even coins.  Well guess what I NEVER GET THEM.  I play alot of facebook games and I am so frustrated. 
Please let me know if anyone else is having problems.  Thanks.

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