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Light-bulbMy Bush Whacker Tips

by Charles Robert Pollard - Jan 23, 2011 Star_s3,309 views

Here are a few of the tips I have found while playing:
1. Buy all of the upgrades for shortening the length of time between ticks and the amount of energy gained per tick as soon and as often as they come available. Energy is the number one concern in this game, not experience, not gold, not gems.
2. Never use your lightning spell on any screen that has bushed that are beyond the level f your spell. This is a waste of mana points.
3. Use quick whack for all bushes unless you are low on enrgy and there is an enemy walking around. Then use your power attack to kill the enemy. I have noticed that enemies have a much better chance of dropping mana potions and power potions than bushes do.
4. Always do the daily quests. Start with Lucas is Missing since you can find him randomly along your journeys while you do the other quests.
5. There are several ways to get energy other than waiting. You can buy energy in the general store with gems and a bit of cash. If you are lucky and have a statue you can get a daily zap of 200 energy. You can fish for it. You can use your energy packs.
6. A note about fishing: Fish every day! Every time you do the Cleaning Up the Lake quest (daily), you get a fishing token. After 5 days you can buy a custom item like a colored fisherman's hat or if you have them all you can move onto buying a 50% energy pack.
7. Have a TON of bush whacking buddies. If you don't have many, GET AS MANY AS YOU CAN!! Every day, you can "help out" your friends with their gates in the friends area by clicking on the NPC in Central Haven. For ever 20 people you help, you get 4 Bush Bucks!!
That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there is more, but good luck to everyone.

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