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Light-bulbWhat's the update on the 28x28 farmville expansion for coins? MANY of us have built up coins-ready to buy!

by Paula Lively - Jan 25, 2011 Star_s354 views

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Maybe when we start dropping out of the game, they will get off their duffs and make a decision on coin expansions. With the economy the way it has been building up farm coins is the only way some can expand. Those on fixed incomes can either pay bills, get their medicines or pay farm cash!


Well, I almost have enough to buy the expansion, but there are some items in FV that I'd rather buy with the cash. Pretty frustrating. But thanks for giving us yet another ugly "ice Carving" to buy with our coins - yippee. LOL. I'll just not use my cash at all. And, day by day I'm talking my self out of using my cash... I'll just let it build up I guess...


I wrote to zynga last night and this morning I got a reply saying there is still no release date on coin expansions


FV is not going to release it till they have gotten as many people to buy it for FV cash as possible. I would guess it will be at least March or June. I am just guessing though. :)

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