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Question-whitewedding quest - what is to do for this quest? can somebody help me, please

by Manuela Fischer - Jan 27, 2011 Star_s1,782 views

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12-em-plus add reply

how do u get the love letter


where do i find love letter iv did all the quest cant find love leter


where do i find love letter


Here are the quests you have to finish to get married: 1. Complete the Church; 2. Finish the old ring collection; 3, Get the love letter; 4. Put on the wedding outfits then you can dress the spouse avatar and
he/she will appear on your island. Plz make sure you've done all of them.

Old ring is what you find clearing trees, the one where the prize is the anchor, don't trade it in, keep the rings.
I myself am level 13, and still no husband despite doing all the quests. So goodluck


That is a good question. All I've figured out to do is buy the wedding dress and go the "My Family" section in the box above your inventory. In there you can customize your partner.

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