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Light-bulbLimited Edition Groundhog decoration for 18 Farm Cash

by Rhonda Simpson - Feb 03, 2011 Star_s89 views

FarmVille Ground Hog

Tonight, just in time for Groundhog Day, a FarmVille Groundhog has hit the FarmVille Market.

You can purchase the Limited Edition Groundhog decoration for 18 Farm
Cash during the next 13 days in the FarmVille Market. This is a
decorative animal that features an animated Groundhog. It cannot be
harvested for coins.

FarmVille Groundhog

Note to veteran FarmVille Freaks, this is the exact same Groundhog
decoration that came out last year in FarmVille 2010. You can visit last
year’s post on FarmVille Freak by clicking here.

Groundhog Day is celebrated in the United States and Canada on
February 2nd. Traditionally, crowds gather to watch a groundhog emerge
from its burrow. If a Groundhog leaves its burrow it signifies that
winter will end soon. If the groundhog retreats back to its burrow then
winter will last another six weeks. Some people believe that the day’s
weather predicts what the Groundhog will do- or in other words,  if it’s
cloudy that day then the groundhog will venture further out, but on
sunny days the groundhog can see its own shadow and will return to its

Will you be adding a Groundhog to your farm?

FarmVille Freak Dabaroo's Groundhog

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