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Light-bulbrip off snowmans

by Erika Elliott - Feb 04, 2011 Star_s100 views

I feel so ripped off by zynga!!! I fell for last days to get your snowman, so I got a they produce no water!!!!This is why i got them..............took my desire out of the game. Horrible, just plain sucks....I was ripped off, bamboozled.............

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12-em-plus add reply

Looks like they heard you all, they extended the limit for another 3 weeks :)


I went to my farm this morning and snowmen showed 100%, but were not havestable. Just about half an hour ago they were havestable again. They must have fixed it :)


its working again i just got water cans from mine a few min ago


I spoke with Zynga customer service and they said it is a known problem and they are working hard to fix it. They gave me watering cans to compensate. I worked so hard completing snomen so I could make my farm more self sufficient.

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