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Light-bulbEnormous Homestead Expansion Goals - 37x37

by Yulius Hendra - Feb 05, 2011 Star_s6,125 views

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be prepared for the next expansion after giant expansion (35x35)
Part I
- Collect 35 Magnifying Lenses
- Harvest 100 peanuts
- Feed 40 Adult Pigs

Part II
- Have or craft 25 fire
- Clobber 20 Groundhogs
- Clear 10 cacti

Part III
- Hire 5 Detectives
- Have or Craft 5 Feather Beds
- Collect 3 bonuses from the Inn

Part IV
- Collect the Foundry Bonus 3 times
- Clear 30 Grass
- Fire the Fox Cannon 20 times

Part V
- Tend 20 Horses belonging to friends
- Harvest 400 Wheat
- Collect 30 Glue from friends

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12-em-plus add reply

I need help I cant seems to buy the fox cannon can someone please help me? and explain to me how can I buy it? tnx :)


I see this enormous homestead 37 x 37 in my land office, it says that i need to complete a mission


I just completed the Giant Homestead Expansion and haven't gotten the Enormous missions yet. Any idea when/if they'll show up? Is this even out yet?


I havent seen any cacti on my grounds for a while...gonna get stuck on that one i guess,we gonna spend the free 50 HS they gave us on it,lolz

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