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Light-bulbHow to remove people from your neighbors list after you've blocked them on FB?

by Jeannie Green - Feb 05, 2011 Star_s1,277 views

I have removed someone from my FB, then blocked them, but they are still showing up in my Farmville neighbors list. I deleted them as a neighbor, but I can STILL see this person's name & photo and it still gives me the option to add them as a neighbor. I don't want to see their face-so how do I make it disappear??

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12-em-plus add reply

You're stuck with it! I have several people that I deleted from my FB and "removed" from neighbors list over a year ago. they still are on my gift list, as are all the people who play FV that i sent invites to, but have not added me as a neighbor. I have canceled the requests several times and then re invited, but some of them don't want me as a neighbor, they KNOW that just by getting the invite they are on the gift list! The same people wont allow u to post to their wall, but can see and collect stuff you post on YOUR wall, but nothing you request directly from them(help) The defunct "neighbors" aspect of FV has gotten me closer to quitting the game than anything else I SHOULD at least be able to effectively REMOVE those that are no longer on my FB!


I think its a bit like when you add a neighbour that it takes a little bit of time for them to show on the neighbour bar. Hopefully they will disapear soon :O)

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