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Question-whiteHave been unable to enter market for over 12 hours, can't plant can only harvest using tractor, anyone else?

by Barbara Ranson - Feb 05, 2011 Star_s144 views

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Same prob here too. Can plough, but can't plant, or use seeder. Can't get into market or gifts. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
What happens usually, does Zynga fix it, is there an email address from Zynga to tell them? I'd love a reply from people who have been thru something like this before. Thanks.


I have the same problem. And I need to plant strawberries too. x.x Hopefully they'll fix it soon. I can't sell anything either.


I'm having the same problem...if seems when they decide to introduce something new to the game it just screws things up... what's the deal with the greenhouse? couldn't we just get through valentines day before this!!! I feel your pain I'm right there with you


Can't plant either. UGH! So annoying! On a mission with planting the strawberries and haven't been able to do it! Market won't load and now I cannot even open my gifts.

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