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Light-bulbToo many seedlings.

by Donna Wagner - Feb 07, 2011 Star_s120 views

Is there away to sell seedlings in bulk instead of selling them one at a time?  Takes forever to do it this way.

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12-em-plus add reply

@ Stephen, my experience is that you will have to do that one at a time (they can only get one per feed) and it will count toward their 125 items. Better off just sending them a gift.


Donna, the only way you can sell seedlings in bulk is to click on sell all (top right-hand side of the gift box). In my experience, all you will be left with are all of your fertilise alls, farmhands and arborists.


@ Jamie:

Because Special delivery boxes can be regifted, you can send any number of them to a specific person.  Any item that can be regifted can be e-mailed to an individual.  When you get the pop up to post the regift to your FB page, instead clicking on Publish, right click the items image and "Save Link Location."  Then click "Skip" on the pop up.

Then create FB message to the person you wish to send the item to and past in the gift address.



That would be a great idea if they implemented some kind of gifting out of the giftbox as it stands now it's only for selected items. Would be nice to have some kind of gifting where we choose the people.
Like it someone wants 10 special delivery boxes that you have in your giftbox , set it up where we can send the 10 spcial delivery boxes to that 1 person. How about gifting off the farm instead of deleting, that would be nice to.

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