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Light-bulbHot Tip- Must read: Use people twice when they fertilize your farm, I will tell you how

by Lynn Brdn - Feb 07, 2011 Star_s166 views

  When you go to harvest and see 5 people have fertilized your farm, go ahead and accept. Then Harvest and plant "be sure to plant first before next step".  Go to Model farm on your neighbors bar !, Now, go back to your farm and the same 5 people are still there and click accept again and WOW, you just had the same 5 people fertilize your farm again. How about that !

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12-em-plus add reply

Thank you as Im always runnings out of fertilize all


Great to know when you run out of fertilize all. .


Sorry Rich...but what is the point since we all have 'Fertilize All'?

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