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Question-whiteNursery Items for babies

by Teresa Bechthold - May 19, 2010 Star_s72 views

All my bottles and pacifiers are gone to feed my little ones. Did they stop it or what? It didnt see anything about them stopping this. Thank you in advance!

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12-em-plus add reply

They obviously ended it. I didn't get a chance to grab more pacifiers one day and the next my boat was gone and I had one extra green egg then what I had traded for. So, I'm guessing they just gave me my last egg with the pacifier/bottle combination I had left. I had enough for the green egg but I was going to try and get another pink/red egg that takes 100 pacifiers. Look in your breeding page for any eggs that they may have given you if you were able to get any. I agree that they need to give more notification on this stuff. At least they say how many days we have left for the castles!

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