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Question-whiteVanishing Goals in Cafe World

by LaDondra Cercone - Feb 10, 2011 Star_s9,672 views

Does anyone know how to see all the goals you're working toward?  All I can see are the ones on the page, but I know there must be new ones for fry hard and coffee, etc.

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12-em-plus add reply

Add me, please..!! Level 2..thanks..:)


They finally set up something new for the goals. If you hover over the goals on the right side of the screen an up and down arrow appear showing you all the goals you need to complete. Yay for Cafe world stepping it up.


I need to ask for pecan pie or whatever it is for one of the Graduating with Honours quests and I can't get to it to ask my friends because it has disappeared and been replaced by the Fridge It mission. Does anyone know how to get them to put a tab or what-have-you on like they have in Frontierville so you can see a list of all you missions as I'm still doing ones from Halloween because I couldn't play for a while and I want to finish them and they're really annoying!!!! *sigh* Rant over!! =)



here is a website i use. It saves me having to google so much.


i've been wondering the same exact thing. What ive been doing is finding out what the goal reqiures from google and then i complete them from that information. It still allows you to complete the goal but it becomes difficult to follow along with how many items you have.

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