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Light-bulbYipeeeeeeeee ! 28x28 land expansion and other releases.

by Nayab Mehar - Feb 10, 2011 Star_s217 views

Hey, Friends!

Here is some information regarding today's release. Enjoy!

Land Expansion:

It’s time for some leg room, Friends! The 28 x 28 Expansion can now be
purchased from the Market for 4 million coins! we will also need:

1) add 10 new neighbors
2) have a minimum of 45+ neighbors.

For example. If I have 25 Neighbors, I will need to add an additional 20
to unlock this expansion. However, if I already have 110 Neighbors, I
will only have to add 10.

Licensed Crops:

We can now plant the Limited Edition Cupid Corn crop when you purchase a
one week license from the Market! The Cupid Corn Crop can be mastered
and grants additional coins and experience when harvested!

License Cost: 10 Farm Cash. (Please know that this license will grant
you an unlimited amount of Cupid Corn Crop seeds for one week only.)

Changes to Orchards:

Farmville have made some adjustments to Orchards! When we collect from our
Orchard and do not receive a seedling, we will get two watering cans to
keep for ourself, and one watering can that we can share with up to
10 Neighbors.

  Farmville have also reduced the amount of watering cans required to grow a seedling from 10 to 8.

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12-em-plus add reply

@Racel I think that there is a problem you should complain that to Zynga.They will surely help you.


No, @Ctistine you are not rigt their price and requirements are good This game is already very much easy they cant make it more easier.


Ok Just wanted to rant. For 2 days I have tried to add neighbors I had 140 they want 150 for the 28X28 exp. I just checked to see where I was and notised I still need 1. Also they rased the price from 2,000,000 to 4,000,000. There [email protected]@ing me off.


happy bout the expansion but where is it its not in my expand farm area! ):

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