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Light-bulbSend 3 Easter Eggs Instead of One.

by Lijan Humtsoe - Mar 26, 2010 Star_s16,488 views

Use the links to send 3 eggs at once to your friends!!!

3 Orange Spring Eggs

3 Pink Spring Eggs

3 Purple Spring Eggs

3 Red Spring Eggs

Send me too! :)

Hey Fellow Farmers, if you like my post please Rate it. Thanks. :)


Update from Alan (4/22/2010 @ 2:15 AM CDT): These links quit working weeks ago when FarmVille realized that all players could access them and not just the new players as intended.

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just trying to unlock the social butterfly


the 3 egg links quit working a while ago...thats why it doesnt work guys


yeah im not even sure i'd know how to do this anyway, some instructions would be nice though


the links don't work, but somehow, some friends managed to still send me 3 eggs in a time...

and for a new account I had the possibility to send my neighbours 3 eggs at a time - at least for a while, that option appeared by itself when opening the gifting page, but after a few days it dissapeared again...
what I had sent out to friends, could be returned by them if they sent the gift right back through 'thank neighbour for this gift' (the option that appears right after one accepts a gift)

But now it's gone again....
I don't know how and what was going on...

But hey - I do not mind it anymore -
on my other account I got almost 2000 eggs....

I just wish there were more funny items to redeem, for the only valuable items are the sheep and the mystery egg - allthough getting a giant size for a while doesn't do u anything...

well... never mind me....


These links don't work anymore everyone. They patched it up a couple weeks ago.


i cant accept the 3 eggs gift whhhhhhhhy?


@ Belen - What in the world? All you did was copy the original post of this thread and post it as a comment.


it was good while it lasted. It should be brought back. It takes forever when you collect one by one


I loved it and Im in first- wish we could still do it though:)


Loved it worked great 2 bad it had to end!!!!! :(


this is cool! I like this one I use the 3 eggs all the time.


shame it doenst work anymore :(


Yes i do agree. It did work for about 5 days then (Zenga) or whatever the name of the company who makes the game put a stop to it all. No it's not a virus. I guess they didn't like us getting 3 eggs at once, we would reach our goals to fast.


it did work for a while but has stopped now gd while it lasted tho


Not sure about this one.. too many problems with is it a virus or isn't it?


Doesn'nt work here either, but i see you have more then 100 replies and more then 3 thumbs up (why i wonder) so at least you have a walk of fame star ...


I think this has been stopped, all my gifts with 3 eggs are being "scrambled".

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