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Question-whiteSnag Bar is snagging but Im not Recieving Anything

by Amber Colbert - Feb 15, 2011 Star_s99 views

Ok. I have read ALL THE OTHER POSTS AND READ THE GAMERS UNITED TROUBLE SHOOTING! IT DOESNT PERTAINT TO ME! Now my problem is this! My snag bar says that it it snagging things. I iwll go into my farmville and there will be nothign in my gift box, my bushel amounts do not change, and my gasoline units dont change either. Now I will then refresh Farmville and recheck everything and nothing has changed., So then I go and reset my snag bar counter and get off of farmvilleand stay off of it for about and hour or two and when I come back on it the snag bar will say it snagged in the 200's. So I will then go into Farmville and check my gifdtbox and the number on it is still the same from when I got off of it. I will go into the gift box anyways and check it anyways and it is still the same. I will then check my bushels and gasoline and both of those are still the same. And again I will reset the snagbar counter and go back on facebook. A few hours later I will check it again and it again says it snagged a few hundred nore things and again there is nothing. It has been doing this for a few days now. Where are my items?

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Please visit the thread linked below and post your Snag Bar issue there. Before you post, however, please make sure to read the entire original post. Yes, all of it. Especially the large highlighted section at the bottom of the post.


I had some items (rare trees) that claimed to be snagged and now they are not in my Gift Box. This was while FV was "down" for quite some time. Sooooo frustrating to have them claimed and then not be there! I only looked at a few items that were snagged by clicking on their box.
Also, if your Gift Box is full, it may say you are snagging items but they will not go through. I know this from before; but that was not the case with me - this time - I had plenty of room in my Gift Box.
Would like to contact an administrator and see where my missing items are, and if they can be retrieved.

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