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Light-bulbCan I get delete from Facebook and Farmville if I use Gamers Unite?

by Pia Zeller - Feb 15, 2011 Star_s269 views

did anybody of you know if my account can get delete from Fracebook and Farmville because of using Gamers Unite?
Because some of my friend send me this!
But I don`t wanna delete Gamers Unite!!!
Greetings Pia

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I don't play Farmville but play several other Zynga games, and they would be doing themselves a great disservice if they started banning people for using a link grabber. As far as I'm concerned, they are lucky they have players at all, since every game is full of bugs. The latest major problem for me has been a complete absence of the post feed on Chefville. I have to rely on Facebook friends, but I'm not going to sit around all day clicking links, waiting for the page to load (half the time to tell me all the rewards have been claimed), then reloading the newsfeed. It's worse if you try to do it on Zynga because you have to go to individual profiles, click a link, return to the profile, AND reload the page - and of course, loading the page is ridiculously slow. At least on Facebook, you can load the link in a new tab, but when I log on and use my other link grabber (I'm new to GU but totally digging it), it turns up 100+ items. I know my friends depend on me as I do them, but we all understand that these are CASUAL games. If Zynga/Facebook want me to click each link individually, they can pay me per click - not beg me for money at every turn.


No you will not get banned for using the snagbar. No one has and no one ever will.......yet.....


Well I don't know why they would delete someone just for participating at Gamers U. Now if they see you collecting an unusual amount of stuff in an hour they might get suspicious that you are using the snag bar. See Gamer's Unite is not cheating but using the snag bar is against Zynga's policy so if they knew you to be using the snag bar they might ban you. SO far only two people have come here and said they were banned. Whether that was true or not is anyone's guess. I don't use the snag bar simply because I have everything I need (been playing for a year or so) and I don't need any collection, I don't do the duck thing(it don't work for me, built the green house-don't use it much, I get foals from friends etc. I come here to see what the latest news is or to answer a question if I know the answer. So I guess the answer is use GU and/or Snag bar if your willing to take the chance.

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