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Light-bulbWelcome to the Gamers Unite! Slotomania - Slot Machines forum!

by Kixie Lam-Jek - Feb 16, 2011 Star_s27,729 views

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try this working for me:


add me plz


Please add me need more friends to get bonus and coins will do the same thanks


Add me on slotomania I need spins or coins my Google account won't let me buy anymore coins :/


It is really a nice game. But it is also hard to beat. I hope that I can get more free spins from friends through here.


slotomania bonus doesnt work from my feed and hasn't for weeks now what a bunch of idiots


@ john...thanks. I'll stop trying....I dislike bonus rooms with fails It really annoys me when I've got there off a 3000 spin and get zilch...


@Doris The bonus round kinda sucks :( It is like a carnival really you start off by choosing a tent ...The shooting range..Where you shoot duck's that float around Then you have the magic hall which has a magician and you click on a bunch of hats to pull rabbits out of or there are evil clowns as fails....and I dont remember what the other one was but which tent you choose also gives you a multiplier from 1X to 3X


Has anyone gotten to the bonus round on the new Xtravaganza? I cannot seem to get it and I just want to know what it is. I think Bid-o-Luck has the best free spin ratio, but I really love those multipliers in a couple other rooms.


i am trying to add everyone but u people r not showing up on my slotomania friends list???..any help please because i am only after sloto friends not FB friends..please help???..


You call this a Forum-no one ever responds to anyone else, whay kind of forum is this????. Read the posts but do not respond forum??? You have got to be kidding me, if you don't know the answers just write that as a response. Let everyone know who to contact to get answers but just don't sit there and do nothing. Several members CANNOT collect gift bonuses: WHY?????.

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