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Light-bulbWelcome to the Gamers Unite! Live Holdem by DragonPlay forum!

by Kixie Lam-Jek - Feb 16, 2011 Star_s3,993 views

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12-em-plus add reply

Everyone gets a chance to Bet/Raise/Fold pre flop, just as in live poker.The way it seems like its automatic or super fast is by the other players assuming SOMEONE will all in before it gets to them, so they just hit CALL ANY and they will automatically post a wager matching whatever is needed to stay in the pot. As for them being jerks LOL I would totally agree with you for the most part. Although I think a lot of it is ego or inexperience, but mainly ego lol. Another thing you may see a lot of is the one piece of crap that throws over the top a HUGELY RIDICULOUS AMOUNT not even pot proportionate (this guy is usually the BIG STACK at the table, he has the chips he WILL use them to his advantage and push around anyone he can) most times on the river is when he will make the BIG MOVE. I would say about 90% of the time he just rakes it in too UNFORTUNATELY! You can even see him do it 5, 6 7 times IN A ROW and YOU KNOW hes full of it but your cards are usually mediocre at best and dont want to have to go all in just to see his hand. As you wont actually find "REAL POKER PLAY" on these sites (you can tell by all the rags played) BUT if you pay for one of the tournys or a sit-n-go the farther in you go usually the plays are a LITTLE more realistic lol. Hope that helps =)


What is going on when players bet All In every time before the flop and win....I guess there must be a cheat code that lets them do that right? It totally makes me made to deal with that when I am just playing for fun and have to keep changing tables to get away from the jerks. What's up with this...are thye cheating?

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