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Question-whitewhen baby animals grow up

by Linda Pezzimenti - Feb 18, 2011 Star_s527 views

why don't your baby animals grow up the same way that they are when you put them in the nursery it would be really neat to have different horses and cows instead of them growing up and turning into black horses or regular cows the game would be much more fun. Then when you get a baby from one of your stall it could be different.

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12-em-plus add reply

tell me about! im not happy the i have put loads of different foals and calves in my nursery and grew up as boring cows and horses =[


Apparently Zynga is in league with Monsanto and other GMO's so all the foals and calves are genetically altered..... like much of our food.


I know right?! I put a stallion foal in there and it grew up to be a gray horse

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