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Question-whiteWhy doesn't my snagbar snag The trees I have checked?

by Ramona Greenwood - Feb 20, 2011 Star_s164 views

Why doesn't my snagger snag the special trees I have marked? I see them on my wall but I never get any? IE bubblegun trees,candy heart trees etc.

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12-em-plus add reply

Thanks for your replies Amy... Yes, when I add a couple of common items it actually picks up the tree's I am after a bit better... To just use it for the rare/high demand tree's is not good... as it's just not fast enough.. Damn hard getting some of the rare tree's though... We only need a couple to start producing your own and build... but I have to say, at 2 seconds... trying to get manually and your too late... makes me wonder whether there is something else out there that is collecting them faster..


Snagbar isn't very good at getting very rare items especially when there are people staring at the feed and clicking it the moment it appears. But it helps a lot to collect common items so it eliminates redundant work like getting building materials, valentines, pennies etc. I would suggest you use the snag bar to collect these common things and get the rare ones manually. Personally I usually get one or two rare trees or foals a day with the Snag Bar and happy with that.


Ok given the limit of 125... and the limit of space... the only things I really need are the speciality tree's I have a lot neighbours who send and I return.. I make around 2 million a day on my farm.. and I am a high level... I am not greedy but choosy what I want to get my stars... if the snag bar is slower than the human.. it actually makes it self redundant... I am not looking to take everything from the feed... but if the snag is too slow to collect the things I want.... what is the point?


@Perkin, the snag bar scans your feed every minute. To avoid the throttle, we also click on the links with random intervals. Snag bar can't beat a human being.


Yes we know that happens when we click on the tree's often too late at 2 seconds!!! But I have quite a few going through my feeds... yet the snag bar is too slow, over the weekend I set it to only accept the special tree's and in 48 hours I have 3... yet there must have been at least 100... the snag bar seems slower than me since the limit..the only thing it will snag quickly is the things I do not want and have to re-set it... like the valentine quests..I got 10 of those within 10 minutes (which incidentally I do not check, it automatically does this)

can you guys have let us know how often the snag is suppose to search for the items we want? as I know its not consistently searching or I would have recieved at least 20...


You were probably too late... only one tree is shared so somebody probably got it before the snag bar.

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