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Question-whitehow do i get farmhands

by Renee J-allen - Feb 21, 2011 Star_s1,461 views

how do i get more farmhands...without spend 5fv dollars....

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12-em-plus add reply

Renee...even if you don't have a stallion you can produce arborists, farmhands and xp.  Just follow the same procedure that breeders do.

Take all your horses out of the stable (do this at a time when you think you will be able to do it most days)

 Your horses will be at 34% about that same time the next day or your first horse in the stable and harvest

Place your next horse...harvest and so on until your stable is full.....remove the horses and, if you have any can do the same (but do remove them when you are done)

Not knowing how many horses you may want to pare them down a little but that is totally up to you.

It really does not take that long but it will give you the extra farmhands, arborists and xp that you need as well as letting you post to your friends.

Hope this helps you :)



sometimes the horse stable gives them i get them and aborists all the time from mine

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